Harold & Renee’s Story

My wife Renee and myself are the sole occupants of our two bedroom condo at The Charles Condos by StreetSide. We absolutely love having our son and daughter-in-law for sleepovers when they come to visit from out of town. But of course our most cherished sleepover guests are our two beautiful granddaughters, who at 2 and 5 years old are the light of our lives.

Our decision to sell our home of 33 years and to buy a condo happened really out of love at first sight when my wife and I returned from Mexico in February 2019. We had a great vacation and moving had not entered our mind, but just out of boredom, we decided to go look at an open house at The Charles. We were living in Garden City, so Charleswood was a “pack a lunch” trip. Our daughter, her husband and granddaughters live in Charleswood and so we just went to look.

We saw the show suite and instantly loved the staging and every detail inside. We offered to buy the show suite within 2 days!  3 months later we moved in. After 33 years in the same home where our children were raised, you’d think it would require more thought but we felt that if we didn’t make the decision quickly, we would never get past the hurdle of leaving our family home.

We have never looked back and we love condo living. I have to admit I was never a lover of yard work and my thumb was always purple (from hitting it so often during house repairs) and never green. It also helped that our 31 year old son just moved out of home 2 months before. So we took the leap but not far because we are on the main floor.

Thank you to Harold & Renee for sharing their story and inviting us into their home! If you are a StreetSide condo owner and would like to share your story, click here

Photos done by Sugar + Soul Photography