The StreetSide Story

Our story goes back over 70 years, and is rooted in a tradition of passion, quality and trust.

Qualico® is now one of the largest fully integrated, privately-owned real estate companies in Western Canada. Since its inception in Winnipeg in 1951, the company’s activities span the entire real estate spectrum and include residential land acquisition and development, single and multi-family home divisions, commercial and industrial development, property management and building supply and manufacturing divisions.

Fuelled by creativity and inspired by modern living, StreetSide brings Qualico®’s strength and expertise, customer commitment, and proven history of doing the right thing to our multi-family offerings in Winnipeg. As Winnipeg’s leading condominium developer we’ve set ourselves apart over the past 3 decades with successful projects such as Place Joseph Royal, Ship Street Village, and Verve Tache, among many others. As a local builder with heart, we’re here to make sure you get the home that you love. From the little things to the big things, we stick by your side.

Home is Sanctuary

You should love where you live and sleep easy knowing that the space you take care of is going to take care of you. Our promise at StreetSide Developments is to ensure that we are handing over the keys to a quality-built home. We take pride in the work that we do to provide you the home that you desire.

When we hand over the keys to your new home…

We hand over a promise for a quality home. We believe in that promise and hold each other accountable to deliver on it every day. It’s not easy, but it’s what we’d expect if we were the owner of a StreetSide condo – and many of us are.

A Solid Reputation

With a solid reputation for providing superior value, unprecedented customer service and an authentic commitment to the communities we serve, StreetSide Developments is proud to build on Qualico®’s strong vision and tradition of hard work, quality and trust.