Marisa, Rob & Romo’s Story

Here at Hudson Condominiums, you will find myself (Marisa), Roberto (my fiancé), and our 2 year old pug named Romo! Rob and I have been together for 10 years, and have gone through many exciting and challenging times together. It was a special milestone for both Rob and myself to purchase our first home together as it took us longer than most to get where we are today. While Rob and I were trying to become more independent and start our search for a place of our own and do all those things that couples do in our earlier years of our relationship, Rob was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2014.

While receiving treatment, everything from house hunting, getting married, travelling, thinking about starting a family was put on hold. After treatment, remission, and a career change for both of us, we began our family when we moved into Hudson Condos by StreetSide in 2019. The same week we moved in was also the same week we picked up our dog, Romo, and our plans of being a dog mom, dog dad, and condo owners had finally come to fruition! It was a very exciting time for us and it is a memory and a moment in our lives we will never forget!

Thank you to Marisa & Rob for sharing their story! If you are a StreetSide condo owner and would like to share your story, click here

Photos done by Sugar + Soul Photography