Submit a Service Request.

We want to make sure you’re fully covered while you relax and you enjoy your new StreetSide home. If anything comes up we have a quick and easy process to make sure any concerns are addressed quickly.

Service Request

Service Request Process

Once submitted you will receive an email notification that your request has been received. Once received, your request will be processed as follows.

  1. We will review your request for clarity. If there are any uncertainties in respect to the nature of the issue(s) and/or warranty coverage you will be contacted to confirm the specifics of the issue(s).
  2. We will then confirm to you whether the request will be dealt with at your year-end anniversary, or whether the item of concern needs to be dealt with immediately.
  3. When it comes time to rectify the issue (either immediately or at your anniversary), we will contact you to arrange access to your suite for initial inspection and/or service.
    IMPORTANT: Please be prepared to provide the service/tradesperson access to your home. Should access to your suite not be possible, the service request will not be rectified.


For after-hours emergencies (plumbing leaks, heating problems, etc.), please refer to your Homeowner Guide or log in to your Homeowner Portal for emergency contact list.


For non-emergent issues such as noise issues, pet issues, snow removal, landscaping (i.e. grass cutting), parking issues and cleaning of common areas please contact your Property Management company.

For manuals & tips please visit your HOMEOWNER PORTAL.