One Hundred Reasons To Own: Kendra & Jenelle

Kendra, Jenelle & Mae’s Story

My wife Jenelle and I purchased our StreetSide home last spring, and moved in at the end of October. Right around that time we also adopted a 6 year old toy poodle, Mae, who absolutely loves it here. Now that the warmer weather is here, we can’t wait to enjoy the yard and the nearby walking paths. We’ve enjoyed decorating and rearranging furniture, it’s really starting to feel like our dream home.

We had a great experience at the design studio choosing our finishes. Even though we thought we were prepared, we had no idea just how many decisions/choices we had to make. It was a bit overwhelming at first. With some good advice from family members and the design expert, we ended up creating a modern, minimalist vibe that is still warm and full of character.

Our favourite feature is our kitchen island because it’s the centre of our home. This is where our guests gather and where we sit and chat for hours. Mae loves the window beside the front door, where she sits and watches cars and other people walking their dogs. She loves how bright our home is in general thanks to the large windows, she always finds a spot on the floor to bask in the sun.

Thank you to Kendra, Jenelle & Mae for sharing their story and inviting us into their home! If you are a StreetSide condo owner and would like to share your story, click here

Photos done by Sugar + Soul Photography

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