Pet-friendly condos – know the rules before you buy.

Woman with a Dog

When looking to purchase a new place to call home, there is a laundry list of things to consider. But while your mind may be pulled in a million directions, don’t forget about Muffin — your furry little friend. While pet-friendly condos are becoming more commonplace, consider that some buildings are still sticklers on their no-pet policies.

Pet ownership restrictions can vary from building to building on the number of pets, types and sizes of animals allowed. Failing to follow these bylaws can result in fines and even eviction for owners and renters alike.

What about a StreetSide condo? Lucky for you, all of our condos moving forward will allow for 1 to 2 domesticated and orderly pets like Muffin to live in your humble abode with a few ground rules to follow.

Register your pet with the Board

Don’t forget to register your pet with the Board prior to moving in. This includes any service dogs trained to do work or specific tasks for a disabled owner. If the Board deems your pet to be unsafe or that they will cause an unreasonable disturbance to other units, they may turn down your request.

Woman with a Dog

Pet Restrictions

Whether you have a bird, fish, hamster, dog or cat – your pet must be registered with the Board. While the majority of animal types are allowed in our condo units, due to The City of Winnipeg bylaw, there are a few prohibited dog breeds including Pit Bulls & Staffordshire Terriers.

Leash rules!

It’s important to consider that not all condo dwellers love Muffin as much as you do. All pets must be kept on a leash when visiting common and recreational areas of the condo building. That means your pet can’t just run wild.

Your Pet – Your Responsibility.

Scoop that poop! Picking up after your dog is an important pet parent responsibility because it not only helps keep walkways clean when winter turns to spring, but it also prevents the spread of disease.

Number of animals in your suite

While StreetSide is a big lover of all things furry and friendly, condo owners can’t have more than 2 animals living with them, which will be subject to Board approval.

Other rules to consider:

  • Pets may not be kept or maintained for commercial purposes or for breeding
  • Pet waste must be removed from common areas
  • Pet owners will be responsible for any damage their pets cause
  • When it comes to purchasing a condo – plan ahead with regards to your pets. Check the bylaws and rules of your condo building prior to making that big purchase to ensure you don’t have any surprises once it’s too late
Find Your Fur Baby a Home