One of the unique features of buying a new, under-construction condo with StreetSide is the opportunity to custom select your finishes. This option is only available up to a certain stage of construction (check with a sales agent to see if it’s available to you) and is an incredible opportunity to customize your space to your specific tastes. That said, it’s not unusual for buyers to become overwhelmed with the selection (and the expense) that goes along with customizing your interior. It is very easy to get carried away with the bounty of options available to you, but according to StreetSide Developments’ design consultant Tammie Bennett, it doesn’t need to break the bank. Read on for our top tips to stretch your budget further when finalizing your selections.

1. Take advantage of your appointment with StreetSide’s design consultant. When you buy a new, customizable condo at StreetSide, you get the chance to visit our 3500 sq. ft. design centre and meet with our very own design consultant. She has helped design hundreds of condominium interiors and is up to date on the latest offerings and current base features in each condominium. Since many of our new offerings include upgraded base finishes, she can help advise you on what is worth keeping and what is worth upgrading depending on your specific situation.

2. Consider a two-toned kitchen.When customizing, you usually have a selection of base cabinetry options available to you. One of the best ways to create a really custom feel without blowing your budget is to create a two-tone look, which can often be done at a minimal upgrade cost.  Tammie has used this same trick to create bold kitchen designs for many of our current display suites, including this fabulous kitchen at Hudson.

3. Don’t forget the backsplash. In addition to the stand out cabinetry, a glass tiled backsplash is also a small investment with a large impact. “It’s a surface often overlooked, or finished with very basic tile. I think it’s one of the main focal points in a home and should be maximized with some fabulous tile. Since it’s usually not a large surface area, upgrading to a fun glass tile isn’t usually a significant jump in price,” Tammie explains.

4. Consider sticking with a base option and upgrading later. Countertops are one feature that can quickly eat up the majority of your upgrades budget. While some of our condominiums include upgraded counters, laminate countertops are usually the base standard at new condominiums. “Granite and quartz countertops are a much larger investment, so I often advise our buyers to go with a standard laminate countertop and consider upgrading at a later date once they’ve had some time to save up. Best of all, there are some really great laminate countertop options available now, and you can upgrade to premium laminate for as little as few hundred dollars”. Flooring is likely to also be another large expense. But, just like countertops, flooring can always be changed after possession, so opt for a budget friendly vinyl floor which comes in a huge variety of designs and options.

5. Use paint to create your dream space. Whether you have StreetSide do the painting for you, or you do it after you move in, paint can make such a difference in the overall feel of your condo for a relatively minimal cost. We love this feature wall in the master bedroom from Metro Condos, which provides a dramatic and high end feel without the large expense of wallpaper or custom mouldings.

With a little research and guidance, it’s actually quite easy to make a small upgrades budget go a long way. Invest in places that are more difficult to change out, such as tiled surfaces, use colour and wood grain to create contrast in cabinetry, and leave some things to the future when savings have had some time to build up! Find customizable condo interiors currently at Amber Grove Condominiums and select units at Hudson Apartment-Style Condos.