Love it or hate it, snow in Winnipeg is a heavy part of the winter experience.

It provides conversation starter during waits in the grocery checkout line, arms us with some serious wilderness survival skills and lends us picturesque backdrops for quintessential Winnipeg winter activities, like skating the river trail.

But the Winnipeg snow also has a dark side. The dreaded post-snowstorm shovel puts a scowl on the faces of even the most enthusiastic of snow-lovers.

While it’s a great way to get a workout, it’s also sure to add an impromptu 15 to 30 minutes to your morning commute. Waking up to the task of shoveling out your driveway or scraping a thick layer of ice from your windshield before you head to work is no way to start a day.

Add in the walkways and front steps, and you may be ditching the warmth of your bed up to an hour early.

Until modern science develops a way to instantly brush off your car and snow from all surfaces, there’s only one way to avoid the hassle — let someone else handle it for you.

StreetSide is here to help you make your winter days more convenient! All StreetSide condos have included snow clearing and many of our developments feature heated, underground parking.

Imagine waking up to a blanket of new, fluffy snow, going about your morning at your usual pace, enjoying your coffee, and stepping into a steamy shower. Then making your way down to your clean, dry vehicle, with clear terrain to get out onto the road.

Perks like this are the small things in life that just make your day better, and easier. If you’re looking for a new home, a condo has the promise to improve your quality of life every winter.

Find heated, secure underground parking at StreetSide’s The Rise Condos in Bridgwater, Metro Condominiums in South Osborne, Hudson Condominiums in Devonshire Village and The Charles Condos in Charleswood and enjoy included snow clearing of walkways at all StreetSide condo projects.

At Amber Grove Townhomes in Amber Trails and Bluestem Condos’ townhomes in Sage Creek you can even park in your own private garage, and enjoy snow clearing right up to your door.

Just imagine — this snow shovel could be your last!