Dec 13, 2019 / StreetSide Projects

Winners Announced!

It's the most wonderful time of the year and StreetSide Developments, along with some of our generous partners and suppliers are getting in the spirit of giving with twelve exciting days of holiday giveaways.

Apr 19, 2019 / StreetSide Projects

Watch our new video for The Rise Condos!

Soaring seven storeys high - the highest peak in Bridgwater, The Rise Condos is a special address by StreetSide Developments. Phase 1 of the building includes both 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums and are now move-in-ready.

We are very excited to share this video created by Skye Spence that showcases the beautiful interiors of this development. 

Apr 05, 2019 / StreetSide Style

Five affordable finds for your home you can buy this weekend

Spring has sprung, and with the emergence of warmer weather often comes the desire to pack up the fur toss cushions and cable knit throws and start pulling in some fresh, new decor items. We've rounded up some of our favourite (and incredibly affordable) decor and furniture pieces that will freshen up your space without breaking the bank, so you can still save for that downpayment (or pay your mortgage!).
Mar 15, 2019 / Amber Grove

How to make your space feel bigger

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel bigger (and cleaner!), is to make your living space light and bright. Many homeowners are worried about bringing in light finishes and furnishings for fear of them looking dirty (especially if you have kids or pets), but there are some easy ways to bring in more light to your home that aren't overly fussy.
Jan 17, 2019 / StreetSide Style

Should I keep it? Do the Kondo test

If you have spent the early days of 2019 decluttering your house and sparking joy, you're not alone (and you probably already know that based on your Instagram feed). If you haven't yet jumped on the 8-episode train that is "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" on Netflix, we've got the Cole's notes version of her method for you, straight from the StreetSide blog archives of 2015 when Kondo's book was a NY Times bestseller.
Nov 23, 2018 / StreetSide Style

Your Guide to Getting Your Condo Prepped for the Holidays

December is fast approaching, which means many of us are getting ready to decorate our homes and plan out our holiday get-togethers. Ensuring your condo is in tip-top shape for the holidays not only gives you a sparkling place to live in and share with your friends & family, but also helps you protect your investment for the future. Read on for tips on how to prepare your condo for the holidays:
Sep 07, 2018 / StreetSide Projects

StreetSide in the Fall 2018 Parade of Homes

September has arrived, and while it's always tough to say goodbye to the joys of summer, it makes it a little easier to know that Fall Parade of Homes is right around the corner! From September 8th - 30th, condo seekers can look forward to four entries by StreetSide Developments, including two brand new condo display suites.

Aug 31, 2018 / StreetSide Style

September Long Events in Winnipeg this weekend

The end of summer is near, and the weather has already started to cool off in Winnipeg. It’s September Long weekend, and it’s time to make the most of the last few weeks of fun. If you’re staying in the city over the next few days, check out our short list of things to do in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

Jul 30, 2018 / StreetSide Projects

Spotlight - The Rise! Q&A with StreetSide’s Designer Tammie Bennett

The Grand Opening for The Rise Condominiums’ Presentation Centre at 300 Centre Street is this Tuesday, July 31st and we are so excited to share what we’ve been working so hard on over the past year.

We sat down with StreetSide’s design consultant, Tammie Bennett, to ask her about the exquisite interior selections she made for The Rise Condominiums in Bridgwater, and her take on the latest trends in home decor. 

Jul 20, 2018 / StreetSide Style

Five local Manitoba curators for your home décor

When decorating your home or condo, adding something personal and curated locally can give it that extra touch of magic. There’s something to be said about knowing exactly who made your décor pieces and which materials were sourced to create these masterpieces. Manitoba has so many talented local artists … Here is a short list of some local curators to source out for your home:

Jun 14, 2018 / StreetSide Projects

Last chance to custom design a Metro Condo

Along with being the first transit-oriented development in Winnipeg, Metro offers another perk that is exciting condo buyers - the opportunity to custom design your dream condo! This option is a unique one, where buyers enter our 3000 square foot design centre and get one-on-one time with StreetSide's very own design consultant to help navigate the thousands of options available to StreetSide buyers. 
Jun 07, 2018 / StreetSide Style

Home Hacks for the Not-So-Handy Homeowner

Whether you just moved in to your new place or have been calling it home for some time, chances are you're going to encounter the occasional wall ding, nail hole or floor scratch that needs tending to. Thankfully, not all minor home repairs need to be daunting, so we're sharing our five favourite home hacks.
May 17, 2018 / StreetSide Style

Expert painting hacks for a perfect paint job

One of the biggest changes you can make in your space (and the best bang for your buck) is to paint! Whether it's a moody feature wall or an overall wall colour, paint makes a big impact and can dramatically change the feel of a room. While painting is an affordable and easy way to customize, that doesn't make the task any less tedious. Here are some tips to make sure your painting experience is as good as it can be.
Apr 05, 2018 / StreetSide Style

Four easy ways to freshen up your space for Spring

While we're already a couple of weeks into the official Spring season, those springtime feels don't usually set in until we see that first flower bud or blade of green grass beckoning the demise of dirty snowbanks. Thankfully, this delayed appearance affords us more time to check off our Spring cleaning lists, and for that we are grateful! Haven't had a chance to start your Spring refresh? Here are 4 ways to infuse a little printemps into your space and perhaps inspire some heavier duty cleaning plans.
Jan 26, 2018 / StreetSide Style

Brick walls provide instant character at District Condos

Not much rivals the brick wall when it comes to an injection of character in a home or condo. There’s something about exposed brick that is just so … charming. Perhaps it’s the history it holds — a story of another time that serves as a constant reminder of the past. It’s also a welcome departure from basic drywall — a wall that has enough personality on its own that you don’t even need to paint it.

Dec 15, 2017 / 325 Park East

Top tips to custom design your condo on a budget

It's not unusual for buyers to become overwhelmed with the selection (and the expense) that goes along with customizing your condo interior, but according to StreetSide's design consultant, it doesn’t need to break the bank. Read on for our top tips to stretch your budget further when finalizing your selections.

    Sep 20, 2017 / StreetSide Style

    Hello Fall! Our top picks for transitioning your decor for the season

    The new season has made its official appearance and wardrobes everywhere are trading shorts and flip flops for scarves and cardigans. While you're changing over your closet and maybe even picking up some of this season's must-have pieces, here are some home decor items and trends to consider reflecting the change in season inside your home, and the best ways to incorporate them. 

      Aug 24, 2017 / StreetSide Style

      Five steps to a beautifully organized pantry

      Whether your kitchen boasts a spacious walk-in pantry or compact cupboards, chances are your storage space quickly becomes disorganized, and topples full with half-eaten bags of tortilla chips (it's not just us, right?).

      Like redecorating or spring cleaning, organizing your pantry is invigorating and injects new life into your home. Ready to transform your condo’s pantry? It’s just 5 easy steps away. 

      Jul 21, 2017 / StreetSide Style

      6 things your condo needs to make life easier and better

      Most people would agree that they are on a never-ending quest to get more out of life, and their living space. From figuring out a better way to organize, to implementing a meal plan schedule, living life with these little “hacks” or discoveries make life that much more enjoyable. Read on to see our team's picks for must-have home items to help in your journey.

      Jun 28, 2017 / Buyer Resources

      5 things to consider when custom designing your new condo

      One of the biggest perks to buying early on in the pre-sales phase from StreetSide is getting the opportunity to custom select your interior finishes. Our in-house design consultant lists her top five things she thinks are worth considering before you make your design appointment.

      Jun 19, 2017 / StreetSide Style

      8 places to splurge on good furniture in Winnipeg

      While we love a good deal (we are Winnipeggers after all), when it comes to furnishing your condo, we believe in the save/splurge mentality. With access to so many great discount and second-hand retailers, buying furniture and decor has never been more accessible or affordable. But where do you go if you want to invest in one or a few good statement pieces? We've listed our top picks here.

      May 18, 2017 / StreetSide Style

      Where to shop for furniture on a budget

      Whether you’re moving into your first place, or downsizing from a large home, decorating and furnishing a new condo can be daunting – and cost some major dough. If you’re working on filling up your space on a budget, here are our top home shopping picks for budget-friendly décor.

      Jan 04, 2017 / StreetSide Style

      Four design trends you'll see in 2017

      The new year is upon us, and while many of us focus on giving up fast food and getting into a gym routine, it’s also a great time to reorganize and refresh your home. While we’d never suggest abiding to all the trends, it doesn’t hurt to know what is of the moment so you can keep these ideas in mind when you’re redecorating or adding some fresh accents to your space in 2017.

      Dec 08, 2016 / StreetSide Style

      Our 2016 Exchange District Gift Guide for the Home

      Christmas is just around the corner – so if you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, we’ve got your back. Give your Amazon account a break, and get some extra cred for buying local wares from these incredibly talented Winnipeg artisans, shops and designers. Best of all – you can find these products in and around the Exchange District, within walking distance from our character-filled conversion lofts at District Condos (which would also be a really great gift – who doesn’t want a new condo for Christmas?). 

      Recent Posts

      StreetSide Developments is incredibly proud to share that our District Condominiums 139 Market project has been named a finalist in the 2018 National Awards for Housing Excellence by the CHBA in the "Attached Homes – Mid- to High-Rise Condominium" category. 
      We are thrilled to announce that Metro Condos and Metro's landscape designer, Kindret Landscape Group, were awarded the 2017 Landscape Award of Excellence for the design/build category for mid- level commercial projects at the Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association's recent annual awards banquet.

      It's a question we get asked a lot, since for most buyers, writing an offer to purchase a new condo is a first-time experience. The short answer is, you do not need to bring in an outside realtor with you when you view or purchase a new condo.

      With over 1000 square feet, two spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, and generous closet space, The Buckingham floorplan at The Charles Condo makes downsizing from a larger home, or growing into a new space, a total breeze. This coveted floor plan design also happens to be featured in our brand new display suite at The Charles, which opened up this past weekend so that you can take a walk through before its Parade of Homes debut.

      Condo living provides many perks, one of the most appreciated being the fact that condos are low maintenance compared to houses, and their efficient use of space usually means less cleaning is required. That said, keeping your condo in tip top shape not only gives you a sparkling space to live in, but also helps protect your investment, helping you get top dollar for whenever you decide to sell. Read on for a list of cleaning tasks that are important to remember when maintaining your condo.

      Not much rivals the brick wall when it comes to an injection of character in a home or condo. There’s something about exposed brick that is just so … charming. Perhaps it’s the history it holds — a story of another time that serves as a constant reminder of the past. It’s also a welcome departure from basic drywall — a wall that has enough personality on its own that you don’t even need to paint it.

      People are very familiar with the idea of an apartment-style condo. Townhomes? Much less so. What is a townhome, and what makes it a suitable choice for a homeowner?

      Love it or hate it, snow in Winnipeg is a heavy part of the winter experience.

      If one of your plans for 2018 is to become a homeowner (or to purchase a new condo if you’ve owned before), then you’re on your way to making one of the biggest and most rewarding purchases in your lifetime. Historically, owning a home and building your equity is a sound financial choice, but more than that, owning a place of your own brings a sense a pride and let’s you settle in and personalize your home unlike renting.

      Driving down Centre Street in Bridgwater, you’ll catch a flurry of construction activity happening at The Rise Condominiums’ site – but the better part of the building is taking place offsite. Read on to learn more...

      When it comes to buying a new condo, location, amenities and the layout are usually at the top of a homebuyer’s list. But there’s one factor that can really shape your experience above all else: who the developer is.


      As housing prices increase, the thought of saving a down payment for a home can be daunting, especially for younger generations just entering the job market.

      A new solution is popping up all over the country and gaining in popularity: co-buying a condo with a partner. Read on to learn more about co-buying and why it's worth consideration.

      Articles on saving for a down payment are certainly not hard to come across. They are full of practical advice like "Cut out your morning latte to save an extra $2000 a year!"

      But what if you're already all about the home brew and bagged lunch, and you're still stuck on how to make your savings grow? Well, we've put together 5 more ideas we hope will provide some new and unique ways (involving minimal effort) to help you save for the biggest purchase of your life.

      When developing the brand concept for District Condos’ 139 Market, we decided we wanted to tap into the artistic community that the Exchange is known for.

      To capture the feeling we get when roaming through the streets of the Exchange and visiting our favourite local hangouts, we thought we would incorporate a local artist’s work inspired by the area, rooting our branding in the community we know and love.

      We've been busy over at Parkline Townhomes in South Osborne - so much so  that we haven't had the chance to share photos from our display suites until now! The Panorama display is a first-of-its kind for us, featuring a separate, contained income suite in the basement as a mortgage helper.