Nov 23, 2018

Your Guide to Getting Your Condo Prepped for the Holidays

December is fast approaching, which means many of us are getting ready to decorate our homes and plan out our holiday get-togethers. Ensuring your condo is in tip-top shape for the holidays not only gives you a sparkling place to live in and share with your friends & family, but also helps you protect your investment for the future. Read on for tips on how to prepare your condo for the holidays:
1) Clean your appliances: Does your microwave still have caked on stuffing from thanksgiving? Dishwasher that hasn't been cleaned since the day you moved in? If this all sounds familiar, it's time to give those appliances a good scrubbing. Keeping your appliances clean helps them run efficiently and look their best. Clean out your fridge and freezer, and any spills on your stove top/oven/microwave.

2) Get rid of any unnecessary clutter:
Take this opportunity to do a quick survey of each room and remove any items that no longer serve you. Recycle old magazines, put away any outdated decor items that you've had around for too long, and shred any mail that is taking up space on the counter. 

3) Vaccum carpets throughout your condo or townhome: For a townhome, cold air is often forced from the top storey to the lowest story, and this air pushes through where it can, which is often through the carpet in the stairs and through any spaces or nail holes in the subfloor. If you have a lighter coloured carpet, your carpet can essentially become a "filter" for this air that is getting pushed through, sometimes leaving a discolouration in your carpet. By frequently vacuuming carpets, especially the stairs, you can make sure that this "carpet drafting" doesn't affect the look of your carpets or build up over time.

4) Touch up the paint: We all have small nicks and nail holes in our home that we've been meaning to patch up for what seems like forever. Now is the time to take a scan of your place and pick up a small bucket of paint to do some touch ups. This can often be a small task that can make a world of difference. Check out our expert painting hacks for a perfect paint job 

5) Consider re-arranging your furniture: Sometimes all a room needs for a quick refresh is a little re-arranging. Add new seating options to your condo like some cozy floor cushions, or a new accent chair. Also ensure that your seating plan is open to lend itself  to flowing conversations throughout your condo. 

6) Now it's time to decorate: Whether you are keeping things low key for the holidays, or really want to make a splash, once your place is organized and tidy, the fun can begin. Make a short list of every location in your condo that you would like to decorate and have some fun with it. Consider small touches to your bathroom, kitchen accents, and ofcourse a location for your tree. Make sure to follow the rules of your condo board with regards to trees and lighting on your balconies prior to installation.