Jan 11, 2019

Top 5 reasons winter is more enjoyable in a StreetSide condo

Winter is about half way through, and while spring is on the horizon, there are a group of people who are notably happier (and warmer) during the winter months. These lucky ones get to enjoy winter for picturesque backdrops and quintessential Winnipeg winter activities, like skating the river trail, without complaining about the nuisances that winter weather provides. If you see someone perpetually grinning this season, chances are they live in a new condo and get to enjoy the perks below. Here are five reasons you could also be smiling during a snowstorm. 
1. Save money:
New condos provide savings on your heating bill in two ways - shared walls offer an abundance of insulation from the cold, while energy efficient windows and new building materials and practices reduce the need for extra energy consumption in the winter. For more ways to save money on your heating bill, check out this post.
2. Sleep in:
While the post-snowstorm shovel and car clear off is a great way to get a workout, it’s also sure to add a good 15 to 30 minutes to your morning. Imagine spending that time cuddled up in your warm bed, enjoying your coffee, and stepping into a steamy shower before making your way down to your clean, dry vehicle, with clear terrain to get out onto the road.
3. Stay warm:
Not only do you get to avoid the snow shovel, you get to stay toasty! You don't even have to step foot outdoors to get to your car, and if you're lucky enough to be headed somewhere with indoor parking, you can avoid winter wear and feeling chilly entirely.
4. Socialize more:
It's not unusual for socially inclined folk to hibernate more in the winter. With the effort involved in getting out of the house in a snowstorm to clearing off a parked car, it's no wonder people are more likely to just stay home and Netflix and chill. Living in a condo makes it easier to get out, but even better, gives you a building full of friends and neighbours that are a short jaunt down the hall away. Imagine heading to game night in your slippers and cardigan and not having to worry about a designated driver. Neighbour friends for the win!
5. Indoor amenities:
From pool tables, to lounges, to fitness rooms - StreetSide apartment-style condos offer plenty to enjoy indoors under the same roof as your unit during the winter months.

Find heated, secure underground parking at StreetSide’s The Rise CondosMetro CondosHudson Apartment-Style Condos and The Charles Condos, and enjoy included snow clearing of walkways at all StreetSide condo projects.

At Bluestem Condos’ townhomes, you can even park in your own private garage, and enjoy snow clearing right up to your door.

Just imagine — this snow shovel could be your last!