Apr 13, 2017

The number one reason homebuyers prefer new

Buying a new construction condo isn’t just great because you’re the very first person to live in your shiny new abode. Or because you bought early enough to customize your home to suit your tastes.

While those are some great perks to buying new, the number one benefit to buying a brand-new condo (from a reputable, qualified builder of course) for many people is peace of mind.

Buying from a builder as opposed to resale means you don’t have to worry about the unknown. There won’t be new and unexpected “surprises” for you to constantly discover after you move in.

And, on the rare occasion something doesn’t go as planned, you’re covered by warranty. While major structural defects are covered by a third-party new home warranty for up to five years, builders like StreetSide go even further. Smaller things that aren’t structural, but still decrease the enjoyment of a new home, such as the seal on a window or nail pops in the drywall, are covered by StreetSide’s own warranty policy.

Not all home builders stand by their work in this way, but ones like StreetSide do, and it makes all the difference knowing this when you’re making a decision on a home.

StreetSide guarantees your home to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of possession. What does that mean for you as a buyer? From the little things, to the big things, you don’t have to worry about just ‘living with it.’ While some smaller items (such as drywall nail pops) may be held off until the end of the one year period (because new homes “settle” the most in the first year and nail pops are very likely to happen), any bigger items are rectified as soon as we can help.

At StreetSide, we don’t just construct new condo buildings, we build safe and quality homes for all of our homeowners. We want to ensure that you feel confident when you make one of the largest investments a family or individual can make.

We stand by our workmanship and are extremely proud of our warranty program and track record.

Want to learn more about how the StreetSide and third-party warranty work? Feel free to contact any of our sales agents who would be happy to walk you through all of the details.