Apr 24, 2018

The end of the top sheet, and other things that Millennials are killing

It's no shocker that things once loved by previous generations are often replaced by the next, however the preferences of millenials stand out given economic realities and delays in family formation (and, we assume, the advent of social media). We've rounded up a few living-related items that millennials are giving up in droves. Leave a comment on Facebook or Instagram if you agree or have something to add!
Starter Homes
While their parents likely bought a fixer upper as soon as they could, millennials are more likely to rent longer and then buy a newer home that wouldn't qualify as a "starter". Millennials want open floorplans, new kitchens and bathrooms, energy efficiencies and convenient locations in their first purchases, and because they buy later (and save longer), they can usually afford to do so.
The majority of millennials skip napkins altogether and use paper towel instead, especially when it's for daily, casual dining at home.
Fabric softener
Millennials don't even seem to know what fabric softener is used for, and those who do often opt to not use it because of non-natural ingredients.
Top sheets 
While it still seems the majority of North Americans still prefer a top sheet, millennials do not. They prefer the ease and comfort of a duvet (and lack of crumpled up sheets at the bottom of the bed).
Online shopping, grocery delivery, and rising gas prices have all contributed to the decline in car ownership among millennials; they just don't NEED their vehicles to get things the way that previous generations did, and presumably are living in more walkable, transit-friendly neighbourhoods too.
Home Improvement Stores
Along with the trend of renting longer, and buying nicer homes, the need for items from stores like Home Depot is on the decline by millennials.

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