Dec 21, 2016

Save money on your heating bill this winter

That winter cold is upon us, which beyond the implication of parkas and driving away with your car still plugged in, also means increased energy bills to keep your home a cozy haven from the frigid temps.

While new condos such as ours are already very energy efficient, who doesn’t want to save even more money(and reduce their energy output) if they can? Here are some simple ways you can save on your heating bill this winter:

1) Switch out your light bulbs. Switching your light bulbs to CFLs or LEDs can save you a whopping 25%.

2) Unplug phantom powered appliances. Appliances you aren’t using still draw electricity from the outlet. Unplug small appliances when you’re done, or go the extra mile and use a power bar to cut off power to your TV/home entertainment components when not in use.

3) Take advantage of passive solar heat. Despite freezing temperatures outside, the sun can really warm up a room if you open your blinds – so take advantage of the free heat, only lowering your blinds at night and when the sun is gone (which in turn helps keep that heat in).

4) Change filters often. A clean furnace filter means the system doesn’t need to work as hard (i.e. use as much energy) – so make sure to change your filter every three months (or more often if recommended by the furnace manufacturer). 

5) Don’t let the air get too dry. Moist air feels warmer than dry air – so keep the moisture up in your home (to an appropriate level) and you can likely turn the thermostat down a bit without noticing much of a difference. If you don’t have a built-in humidifier, there are plenty of smaller tabletop versions that will do the trick. Also, try hanging wet clothes on a drying rack – you’ll save energy from not running the dryer, plus it will avoid drying out the air further (AND your clothes will likely last longer).