Feb 02, 2017

Must-do activities before winter ends

Beyond our riches of culture and architecture and people, Winnipeg is, first and foremost, a winter city. Spending a good part of the year under a blanket of white with temperatures usually far below zero, we’re seeing more and more Winnipeggers embrace the winter identity, thanks in large part to the many activities added to the cold months every year.

We’ve learned winter can be fun when you get out and interact with it – but maybe not so much when you’re trying to forge a path to your door with a shovel, or offload a hill from on top of your car. With included snow removal and heated, underground parking at many StreetSideDevelopments, our condo owners have more time for the perks of winter. Here are just some ideas to fill your newfound free time this season.

(Whether you’re a veteran winter-embracer or someone who usually stays bundled up indoors clutching onto coffee for survival – these must-do winter activities might help you break up your routine with something new.)

1)    Fort Whyte Alive – Fort Whyte is one of our absolute favourite year-round destinations, and it’s not hard to see why. Offering up toboggan slides, Nordic walking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, ice fishing, horse-drawn sleigh rides and winter day camps, Fort Whyte is a one-stop destination that also offers incomparable winter scenery. Definitely not one to miss!

2)    Oak Hammock Marsh – Just outside of the city, Oak Hammock Marsh provides a picturesque winter experience along with snowshoeing, skating at the cattail pond, pond hockey, and astronomy nights.

3)    Arctic Glacier Winter Park at the Forks – If there’s one place you should spend time at this winter, it’s the Forks. It’s conveniently located in the heart of the city, and it has virtually everything you could want in a destination. The Arctic Glacier Winter Park offers skiing, skating, tobogganing, snowboarding, wagon rides, and various indigenous programming on top of all the great perks of the Forks Market (you can even warm up with a post-skate wine flight at The Common). 

4)    Cross country skiing – Who says skiing is just for the mountainous provinces? Work up a sweat while enjoying the frozen landscapes on one of the many trails throughout the city.  

Top off your quintessential Winnipeg winter days with brunch at RAW: Almond (if you can snag a seat of course). Just two more weekends remaining this winter.

What are your favourite winter activities?