Nov 22, 2017

Is it time to break up with your car?

For many people, learning to drive, and even saving for a first car, is a rite of passage – a symbol of independence we ride into young adulthood.

And while owning a vehicle comes with its fair share of perks, as times goes on, and the wear-and-tear of your free-wheeling dream translates to serious cash, you may find yourself dreaming about a future without the burden of constant car payments, repairs and fuel.

There are so many positive benefits to going car-less – be them financial, environmental or health-conscious – and it’s even easier when you live in short distance to the many conveniences and transit routes you need, like at our District Condominiums. Here’s a few reasons why now more than ever is a great time to break free from your vehicle.


1. Incredible savings. On car payments, on car insurance, on fuel, on maintenance, on parking. These costs can easily approach $1,000/month for an average vehicle, and no matter which way you slice it, that's a lot of money (that could easily translate to a mortgage payment!).


2. More productivity. Less time driving your own vehicle means more time you can be productive (answer those looming work emails on the go), or sneak in a good read during that morning bus ride.


3. Inadvertent exercise. When you have a car at your disposal, it's easy just to jump in and jet off even if your destination is a short walk away. It should go without saying that car-less people get more daily activity in and are more likely to walk or bike regularly as part of their daily commutes. Get your exercise and vitamin D in all while saving money? Sounds like a win to us!


4. Better for the planet. It's not hard to see why walking, bussing, biking and car-sharing are kinder to our environment than driving a single passenger vehicle. And who doesn't want to be nice to Mother Earth? Check out Peg City Car Co-op to consider if this could be the happy medium you need to make the switch. (Which has a car right near District!)


5. More social opportunities. Whether you join a car pool, car-share, walk, or grab a bus, you're much more likely to spend your daily commute conversing and connecting with people, instead of getting worked up about traffic while alone in your car.


6. Enjoy the view and people watch. Instead of focusing on traffic lights and frustrated drivers on your daily commute, you can look around, take in your surroundings, and do a little people watching if you choose to take a bus or walk to work instead. You’ll feel much more connected to the vibrant neighbourhood and community that surrounds you.


7. More options than ever. From increased transit routes, to car sharing programs, to grocery delivery - there are more options now than ever before that make going car-less easy. And you just might discover new, convenient ways to live by giving up your car (hands up if you’d be happy to never step foot in a grocery store again?).


Still not convinced? Let us remind you you can now not only get food delivered to your door by Skip the Dishes couriers, but wine and liquor too!


So what do you think - are you convinced it's time to go car-less?