Mar 15, 2019

How to make your space feel bigger

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel bigger (and cleaner!), is to make your living space light and bright. Many homeowners are worried about bringing in light finishes and furnishings for fear of them looking dirty (especially if you have kids or pets), but there are some easy ways to bring in more light to your home that aren't overly fussy.
Do you absolutely love darker, moody tones and shy away from whites? You can still have a bright and airy space that incorporates rich colours like cognac sofas or jewel toned textiles, however when you incorporate some lighter tones you make those loved pieces stand out even more. Designer powerhouses Amber Interiors and Studio McGee do a great job at this. Ready to bring in the bright? Here are some easy ways to make your space light and airy without compromising on your personal design aesthetic.

1) Bring in lighter hard-surface furnishings. If the idea of a white or light grey sofa or rug scare you, using solid finished pieces (like wood, metal, or ceramic) in a lighter colour will help bring some brightness without the maintenance.
2) Think paint. Walls are relatively easy to care for especially if you opt for a washable finish. Choosing a lighter wall colour will reflect natural light throughout your home, and serves as a neutral canvas so you can incorporate/change up colours of furnishings and accessories as you please.

3) Floors that don't bore. If you're buying a new home or condo with the option to custom design your interior (or refinishing an older home), look at lighter flooring options. While many think dark floors are lower maintenance, lighter floors hide dust bunnies and pet fur better than darker floors, and instantly brighten up a room. 

4) Mix and match.  Dark walls, light furnishings. Dark floors, light walls. Find a combo that works for you and brings in some light in one way, while contrasting with colour elsewhere.
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Photo via Amber Interiors