Jun 07, 2018

Home Hacks for the Not-So-Handy Homeowner

Whether you just moved in to your new place or have been calling it home for some time, chances are you're going to encounter the occasional wall ding, nail hole or floor scratch that needs tending to. Thankfully, not all minor home repairs need to be daunting, so we're sharing our five favourite hacks below.

1.) Made one too many nails holes, or decided to hang art somewhere else? Avoid spackling and touching up the paint over too large an area or it may stand out like a sore thumb. Instead, use a cotton swab to fill the hole with spackle, and the other end to touch up the paint of just the small nail hole.

2.) If you've inadvertently scratched up your floors or wood furniture, try rubbing a raw walnut over the scratch to instantly "erase" it.

3.) Put all interior paints into smaller sample cans and label with the room the paint colour was used on as well as the date, and keep somewhere in the room with a small paint brush taped to the lid - this makes touch ups easier (or if a lot of time has passed, reminds you that you might need to colour match a paint fleck instead of using your old sample pot).

4.) Use double sided tape to keep picture frames hanging straight on the wall (if you weren't keen to use two nails and a level the first time).

5.) Freshen up the look of dingy tiled surfaces (entry ways are always prone to discoloured grout) with a grout paint pen.