Apr 05, 2018

Four easy ways to freshen up your space for Spring

While we're already a couple of weeks into the official Spring season, those springtime feels don't usually set in until we see that first flower bud or blade of green grass beckoning the demise of dirty snowbanks. Thankfully, this delayed appearance affords us more time to check off our Spring cleaning lists, and for that we are grateful! Haven't had a chance to start your Spring refresh? Here are 4 ways to infuse a little printemps into your space and perhaps inspire some heavier duty cleaning plans.
1. Buy fresh flowers or new plants. This is a great time of year to bring home tulips and daffodils, and many charities sell them for fundraising efforts around now, making fresh flowers an even better idea! And of course, potted plants are an excellent option if you have a green thumb and want a bit more longevity out of your purchase!
2. Change up your home scent. Whether you diffuse essential oils, burn candles, or make your own potpourri, switching up your scent is a great-smelling way to infuse some Spring into the air! Citrus, lemongrass, and lavender are excellent scents to transition to from moodier varieties.
3. Pack up winter textiles and swap out with lighter textures. While faux fur pillows and knit throws will keep your place stylin' all year long, putting these more Winter-based accessories in storage and replacing with lighter weight throws and linen pillows will instantly make your space feel light and airy. 
4. Open the window. Speaking of air, let some of that air inside! After enduring closed up, frosty windows all Winter long, now is the time to let some fresh air into your home, if even for a few minutes a day.