Aug 24, 2017

Five steps to a beautifully organized pantry

Whether your kitchen boasts a spacious walk-in pantry or compact cupboards, chances are your storage space quickly becomes disorganized, and topples full with half-eaten bags of tortilla chips (it's not just us, right?).

Like redecorating or spring cleaning, organizing your pantry is invigorating and injects new life into your home. Ready to transform your condo’s pantry? It’s just 5 easy steps away. 

1. Empty it all out. It may seem counterintuitive to create a massive mess, but it’s a necessary step. Once everything is out of your pantry you can marry duplicate items, toss expired or empty items, and pare down to what you actually need and want to live in your pantry.

2. Group like items together. It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not uncommon to find similar items in different places of the kitchen. Beyond grouping things like canned food together, categorize based on use, such as snacking, baking, breakfast, etc.

3. Put dry storage items into matching clear jars. It’s not just for looks (although, it DOES look really good). Putting your pantry items into clear jars helps you take better inventory of items you’re running low on, not to mention saves space by cutting out bulky packaging.

4. Use baskets to group categories. Once you’ve organized your pantry items and tossed their store packaging, use bins and baskets to hold groups of items together such as baking supplies. Not only will it help keep your pantry more organized, but when you are actually baking, you can pull out the entire basket to access all the items you’ll need.

5. Label everything. Jars and containers are obviously much easier to work with day to day if they are labeled, but don’t forget shelves! Use the little strip along the front of the shelf to denote what should go where (we love the erasable metallic wine pens for labeling). . When everything has a home, organizing is effortless!

Photo via @thehomeedit