Jan 12, 2018

Construction update: The Rise is nearing seven storeys tall

Have you driven through Bridgwater Centre lately? We're nearing the top floor of precast installation, soon to reach our seven-storey height at The Rise Condos!

Views from the 6th floor

Construction is right on track, with The Rise racing to display a completed suite this summer. If you're interested in calling The Rise home, read on for some informative articles on our superior construction process and new condo buying. Don't forget, our presentation centre is now open for regular hours at The Mix Condos, so pop by anytime to learn more.


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Buying a condo during pre-sales is advantageous (hello, designing your dream condo!), as long as you know how to evaluate the materials provided, and ask the right questions. We've broken down how pre-sales work, what the benefits are, and what to look out for in this informative article.

You've purchased your new pre-sale condo, and now you get to design it! Read this article for 5 things to consider when designing your custom condo.