Jan 26, 2018

Brick walls provide instant character at District Condos

Tammie Bennett, senior design consultant for StreetSide Developments, meets with owners of 100-year old conversion loft condos all the time and has some very insightful ideas for decorating StreetSide’s District Condos in the East Exchange.

1. Leave the brick as natural looking as you can, it creates character instantly.

2. Decorating your brick wall should be determined by its location. If an existing wall is in the kitchen area, leave the brick to create an amazing backsplash. If it’s in the dining room, put a gorgeous credenza up against it. If it’s in the living room or bedroom, use the brick wall as the focal point instead of a painted accent wall.

3. Hang multiple sized frames with your most precious pictures or art on it.

4. Floating shelves show off your collectibles while maintaining the character of the brick.

5. Try not to over decorate … the brick is an accessory in itself!

office vignette

Another way to really make that brick wall shine is to juxtapose it with materials and fixtures that play off the rustic charm of the brick. Large gilded mirrors, dazzling light fixtures; it’s unexpected in an industrial space and an exciting twist on a loft.

Interested in seeing the beautiful exposed brick walls and original timber beams at District’s loft condos? District's 139 Market is now selling it's final lofts with 70% of the building already sold. Visit www.districtcondos.ca for more information.