Oct 12, 2018

Top 7 Downsizing Tips when moving from a House to a Condo!

The time has come. Mowing your massive lawn brings you dread, climbing up and down the stairs is a hassle, and shoveling your way through another Winnipeg winter is already giving you the chills. You are ready to “right size” your lifestyle and trade in your house for a condo.

Once you’ve made the leap and secured your new condominium (hopefully a StreetSide condo), it’s time to plan your downsizing strategy.  Managing a lifetime of things can be very overwhelming – especially with all of the emotional attachment we place on them.  We’ve come up with a list of ways to help you downsize for the big move:

1) Consider the floorplan:

You’ve carefully considered your floorplan. We’re sure you’ve analyzed every inch and corner prior to your decision. Now it’s time to use these sketches or renderings to map out where your items can go. Measure your existing furniture and compare it to the floorplan drawing. This ensures you don’t waste your time trying to shove in an oversized couch, only turn back around and wonder what to do with it.    

2) Prioritize your possessions:

Now is when the planning comes in. Make a list of all of the larger items in your home – your dressers, tables, chairs, art and make a list of things you NEED to keep, the “maybe’s” (you'll have to revisit those items) and things that can go. A rule is, if you haven’t looked at it or used it in over 3 months, it’s time to say goodbye.    

3) Start decluttering areas in your home that contain items with the least sentimental value

Think kitchen, bathrooms and linen closets. It’s much easier to get rid of extra spoons, dish sets, mixers you haven’t used in over 15 years then it is a sentimental item from a loved one.    

4) Compare and contrast!

When in doubt, compare the size of rooms in your new condo to similar sized rooms in your current home to get a feel for what can fit. Perhaps your current bedroom is the same size as your new living room. This can help you visualize before taking possession.    

5) Keep, Sell, Charity!

Take this opportunity to make some money off of your purging! It’s likely you will have hundreds to even thousands of dollars worth of items that you are no longer using. You can use this money to pay for the first few months of condo fees, or purchase a new couch for your beautiful new living room. Make a list of things that you will be keeping, things you can sell, and things you are going to give away to charity! For the items you are going to sell, consider using such platforms such as Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace to sell your belongings, or a good old fashion Garage Sale can do the trick.

6) Review the dimensions of your storage locker and plan in advance how to organize it:

The majority of condo units come with a storage locker to keep some of your extra belongings, but moving from a larger garage to a 24 square foot storage locker can be tricky. Find out the dimensions of your new storage locker in advance and plan out ways to properly organize it with shelving, boxes, etc.

7) Consider condo amenities that may allow you to ditch some items!

When having the space in a larger home, many of us start hoarding gym equipment, board games, and power tools. With many condo buildings, you will now have access to great common amenities such as a full gym and games room, so you will no longer have to keep those items in your unit.

It can be very overwhelming to get rid of things you have spent years accumulating, but trust us, once you do, you will feel a big weight off your shoulders! If you are ready to "right size" your life to a condo, visit our current developments to see if StreetSide has the right condo for you!