Jul 21, 2017

6 things your condo needs to make life easier and better

Most people would agree that they are on a never-ending quest to get more out of life, and their living space. From figuring out a better way to organize, to implementing a meal plan schedule, living life with these little “hacks” or discoveries make life that much more enjoyable.

Beyond setting goals and learning more efficient ways to do things, we always love investing in items that complement our mission to live better, so we asked our StreetSide Condos team what items they think improve their home (and life). Read on and let us know what items you’d add to the list!

1.) Diffuser – While an ultrasonic diffuser won’t necessarily make life easier, it sure makes it smell better. Pop a few drops of your fave essential oils along with water and enjoy the naturally scented cool mist. Not only will your guests get to enjoy the fresh scent of your home, but it looks good, too. We like this one from well.ca 

2.) Electronic pressure cooker – This is not your grandma’s pressure cooker! There’s good reason this Canadian-created appliance has taken the Internet by storm and skyrocketed to the top of Amazon’s sales list – all from word of mouth. Save major time roasting and cooking longer items – plus enjoy the fact that your space won’t be completely overcome by the smell of whatever you’re cooking (your condo neighbours will certainly appreciate this too!). And, in the warm summer months, it won’t heat up your kitchen when it’s too hot to use the oven or stove. Find it on Amazon here.

3.) Cordless stick vacuum – If you haven’t yet invested in one, now is the time. Having a cordless, lightweight vacuum makes daily maintenance of floors so much easier and you’re much more likely to keep up with it than having to drag out a clunky vac. This model from Costco is much less expensive than the Dyson counterpart and has rave reviews. 

4.) Bluetooth speaker – While most households boast at least one bluetooth speaker, you can never have too many, right? Okay, maybe no need to hoard the speakers, but our team likes to have a small one in the kitchen which makes prepping dinner or hosting friends that much more ambient.

5.) Good lighting – Whether it’s installing a dimmer switch, or finding the perfect table and floor lamps, good lighting improves the look and feel of your space without having to make any major changes.

6.) Smart home device – Amazon Echo and Google Home are just two of many out there. While they may not be in everyone’s homes just yet, it’s sure to be the smart home gadget of choice soon. From playing your favourite song to reading out a recipe, it’s like you have your own omnipresent personal assistant!