Jun 08, 2017

6 Reasons to buy a new apartment-style condo

1. Affordability. Understandably, a new condo usually costs much less than
an equal new home. Instead of investing time and money into countless
renovations to update a value-priced fixer-upper, a new condo is turn-key and
ready to enjoy at an affordable price point.

2. Enviable amenities. Most apartment-style condo buildings have at least
one residents-only amenity, and most have more. From a free fitness centre
that’s as convenient as they come, to billiards lounges, to roof-top patios and
more, these are extras you don’t get anywhere else.

3. Heated, underground parking.
Some townhome condominiums boast
private garages, while most apartment-style condos include at least one
indoor parking stall. Having heated, secure parking is a luxury in this climate
that you will soon never want to live without. (No parking? The condo is likely
very close to transit systems and in a walkable area, meaning more savings
for you!)

4. Easy maintenance.
This likely goes without saying, but bid adieu to
household maintenance such as snow shoveling, lawn care, repairs, roof
fixes, leaf raking, and paint touch ups. Condominium residents enjoy the extra
time they have on the weekends that would usually be devoted to house

5. Location. Getting into your area of choice can be a challenge if it’s a
popular place to be. Buying a condo instead of a house provides a more
affordable entry into your dream postal code.

6. Lower costs
. Cost savings in condos go far beyond the initial purchase
price. If the cost of hydro is not included in your condo fees (many are), you
can enjoy the fact that having neighbours on all sides means incredible
insulation. Heating bills, even in this frigid climate, are incredibly low
compared to other housing types. Apartment-condos stay warmer in the
winter, and cooler in the summer meaning less cost to you and less demand
on our energy reserves. You will also save on insurance as you are only
required to insure your contents, and not the entire building. Some condos
even offer free cable, Internet and phone services for your first 6 months to a
year, adding up to substantial savings.