Jun 28, 2017

5 things to consider when custom designing your new condo

One of the biggest perks to buying early on in the pre-sales phase from StreetSide is getting the opportunity to custom select your interior finishes. (For more info on buying in pre-sales, don't miss this post).

You’ll get to meet with StreetSide's own interior design consultant who will guide you through making your selections at our expansive design centre. While our design consultant, Tammie Bennett, is there to help you every step of the way, and is a wealth of knowledge from her experience selecting interiors for hundreds of homes, it never hurts to educate yourself first in order to make the most of your design appointment. Below, find Tammie's top five things she thinks are worthwhile considering when gearing up to make final selections on your new StreetSide condo. 

1. Budget - Selecting your upgrades when you're about to invest in the largest purchase of your life isn't the time to overextend yourself, but you do want to make sure you're maximizing your budget in a way that adds value to your home. It's not nearly as easy or as affordable to do big upgrades like hard surfaces after the fact, so keep that in mind when deciding where to spend and splurge. "Make sure your dreams and your pocket book are on the same page," advises Tammie, to help avoid disappointment at your design meeting.

2. Style - If you aren't an interior design junkie with a specific aesthetic, Tammie suggests perusing shelter magazines and Pinterest to see what you gravitate toward to help find your style. Whether it's contemporary, minimalist, or a little bit rustic chic, narrowing down your design style will allow Tammie to help direct you toward a look you’ll love.

3. Colour palette - Similar to design aesthetic, determine which interior colours pull you in the most - are you a light and airy lover, or drawn to bright statements?

4. Function - Consider how you live your life to determine the functionality of your individual space. Do you need a hard surface kitchen island to prep your Top Chef-rivaling meals, or a specific kind of flooring to make sure Fido’s paws gain traction?

5. Trends - Keep top of mind that what is trendy now may not be so in a few years, so items that can’t be updated easily will have more longevity if designed with neutral and classic colours and style. Instead, have fun with more bold trends using paint, accent pillows and personal art choices that can easily be swapped out when the next big thing comes around.