Q: What type of construction is used for Vue Taché Condominiums?

A: Vue Taché will be a seven-storey apartment style condominium with a basement parkade. The foundation is precast piles and the parkade is comprised of concrete walls and floors with structural steel beams supporting the building above. A hollow-core concrete floor with 2 inches of concrete topping separates the parking level from the main floor. The seven-storey building is a combination of masonry walls and structural steel with hollow-core concrete floors and roof.

Q: What is the heating system used for Vue Taché Condominiums?

A: Each suite is heated and cooled with ducted electric fan coil units. Each suite has its own fresh air supply from the in-suite heat recovery ventilator (HRV) that captures heat energy from the exhaust air and uses it to pre-heat or pre-cool incoming fresh outdoor air. Some suites have two fan coil and HRV units. An efficient rooftop make-up air unit conditions the common areas of the building. Vue Taché Condominiums is a PowerSmart building. The parkade is heated with electric unit heaters.

Q: What security measures will be incorporated at Vue Taché Condominiums?

A: Access to the building will be through a secure interphone located at the building main entry. The main entry vestibule automatically locks after hours and requires a pin code to enter. All exterior doors feature high-security astragals and key fob access. There are security cameras at all building entry points which owners may view via an app. Closed circuit TV at building access points, parcel room, and amenity spaces are loop recorded on a security system. Deadbolts and peep holes will be installed in all suite entrance doors. Programmable key fobs will be used to access the building entries and parkade.

Q: What level of soundproofing can be expected at Vue Taché Condominiums?

A: All floor and wall soundproofing requirements are built to exceed the building code requirements. The walls between the suites are constructed of either masonry sandwiched between steel studs with insulated cavities and drywall or double steel stud walls with offset insulation cavities and 2 layers of drywall per side. The floors are constructed of hollow core concrete slabs with gypcrete floor topping.

Q: What materials and features will the exterior of the building have?

A: Vue Taché Condominiums will be finished with decorative cement board panels, aluminium composite panels, corrugated metal siding, and masonry veneer. The main entry area features Tyndal Stone Veneer sign and feature wall and with a canopy finished with premium aluminum composite paneling.

Q: I am concerned about the chance of a fire at the building. How has this been addressed?

A:  The unlikely event of a fire has been extensively considered at Vue Taché. The building is equipped with a comprehensive fire alarm system that includes a full fire-supressing sprinkler system, fire alarm horns and strobe lights, hard-wired in-suite early detection smoke and heat detectors, and emergency exit lighting and signage.  The suites are separated from each other with a 2-hour fire resistance rating on walls and floors.

Q: Is air conditioning standard at Vue Taché?

A: Air conditioning is included in all units at Vue Taché. Each suite has ducted fan coil units providing air conditioning throughout the suite. The condensers are located on the suite terrace for main floor units or on the building roof for floors 2-7. Some larger units have two fan coil units which allow different temperature settings for bedrooms and living room areas.

Q: What will the roadway construction be?

A: The driveway leading to the parkade ramp and the garbage pad area will be concrete.

Q: What type of roof will the building have?

A: Vue Taché Condominiums will have a ballasted EPDM roof system. EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane widely used in low slope buildings worldwide.

Q: What kind of windows will be installed?

A: The windows at Vue Taché are triple-pane for maximum comfort, energy-efficiency, and soundproofing.

Q: Can I customize my new condominium at Vue Taché? What options are available if so, and how can I find out what might fit my budget?

A: If you select your new Vue Taché condominium early in construction commencement, you may customize certain aspects of the design and planning. Of course, the location of kitchens, bathrooms, electrical services, etc. cannot be modified, but early purchasers can select from our menu of optional interior finishing to create their own personal look and lifestyle. Once you purchase your new condominium, you will then have the opportunity to visit our state-of-the-art, 3,500-square-foot Design Centre to meet with our design consultant and make your interior selections.

Q: Can I choose the paint colours for my unit?

A: The paint colour for the interior of suites at Vue Taché is ‘Wentworth White’. If you purchase your unit early in the construction phase you will have the opportunity to meet with our design consultant to discuss a wide choice of interior finishes, including an upgrade to change your paint colours.

Q: Can I select the type of flooring I want?

A: Flooring within the suites are Luxury vinyl plank throughout the main living space with carpet in bedrooms, all available in a variety of colours. If you purchase your unit early in the construction phase you will have the opportunity to meet with our interior designer to discuss a wide choice of interior finishes including flooring. Selected floorplans (Empire, Empire II, Freedom, Gran, Gran II and Willis) include sound-absorbing backing.

Q: Can I choose the type of kitchen cabinets for my unit?

A: Vue Taché features the Thermofoil cabinets which are available in a variety of colours. Owners may upgrade from a range of other cabinet styles if they purchase a unit early in the construction phase. Please speak to The Vue Taché sales team about scheduling a visit to our design centre, where an extensive range of cabinetry, countertops, tile and flooring can be discussed with our in-house design consultant.

Q: What appliances are included with my purchase price at Vue Taché?

A: A premium Whirlpool Black Stainless Steel kitchen appliance package, which includes a full size fridge, a self-cleaning slide-in range, a built-in dishwasher, and an ‘over the range’ (OTR) microwave are included in your purchase price. A stacked or side-by-side washer and dryer will also be available as an option. Premium built-in style appliances are available as an option in selected units.