Q: What type of construction is used for Couture West Condominiums?

A: The foundation is concrete piles supporting steel reinforced concrete walls. Basement floors are concrete slab on grade. The upper structure is wood-framed with engineered floor and roof system. Each townhome is separated by a double wall system, made of two layers of insulation and multiple layers of fire-resistant drywall which creates a superior fire-and sound-rated separation between units.

Q: What is the heating and cooling system used for the townhomes?

A: For heating, each Couture West Condominium is provided with a gas furnace and for cooling A/C is available as an upgrade. This system coupled with the HRV provides superior level of air quality as well as offering comfort and convenience to the homeowner.

Q: What security measures will be incorporated at Couture West Condominiums?

A: Each townhome has an illuminated entrance and entry doors are supplied with deadbolt locks. All units are pre-wired for a security system – owners are responsible for the purchase and installation of an individual security system of their choosing.

Q: What is the common wall construction between condominium townhome units?

A: Common demising walls between condominiums are constructed using a double-wall technique, where two rows of studs of a conventionally-framed wall are separated by an air space. These walls are filled with sound insulation ‘batts’ and are finished with a double layer of drywall on both sides. This is a proven wall system with an above-average performance rating in regards to fire protection and reduction of sound transmission.

Q: What materials and features will the exterior of the building have?

A: The homes will feature large windows on the front and rear main floor, and include a variation of dark & neutral trim colours, dark metal clad fascia, soffit and downspouts. Front elevations feature composite wood trim, brick veneer, stucco, and concrete steps and landing with hand railing.

Q: I am concerned about the chance of a fire at the building. How has this been addressed?

A: Although the event of fire is rare, this danger has been extensively considered at Couture West. To stop the rapid spread of fire, the demising wall between units has a fire resistance rating of 1.5 hours. Safety inspections of the furnaces and dryer vents occur once a year and is included in the condo fees. All units are also equipped with hard-wired smoke detectors and private entrances to the outside. This allows direct access to and from the townhome in the case of an emergency.

Q: Is air-conditioning standard at Couture West?

A: No, air-conditioning is available as option.

Q: Will there be an opportunity to build a deck and/or put up a fence at Couture West Condominiums?

A: Yes, both! The developer can construct the privacy fence and/or patio so you can include it in your mortgage; or you can do it yourself (according to the architectural guidelines).

Q: What type of roof will the buildings have?

A: Couture West Condominiums have an engineered wood truss roof, OSB decking and high quality laminate shingles with 30 year limited warranty.

Q: What kind of windows will be installed?

A: The windows at Couture West Condominiums are triple pane windows for high energy efficiency.

Q: Can I customize my new townhome at Couture West? What options are available if so, and how can I find out what upgrades might fit my budget?

A: If you select your new home early in construction commencement, you may customize certain aspects of the design and planning. The location of kitchens, bathrooms and main walls, etc. cannot be modified, but early purchasers can select from our menu of optional interior finishing to create their own personal look and lifestyle. Optional upgrades include: custom flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops, a wide spectrum of interior paint colours and exterior fencing and deck options. Once you purchase your new condominium, you will then have the opportunity to visit our state-of-the-art, 3,500-square-foot Design Centre at the Qualico Headquarters to meet with our design consultant and make your interior upgrade selections.

Q: Can I choose the paint colours for my townhome?

A: The standard paint colour for the interior of Couture West is ‘Wentworth White.’ If unit selection is made early in the construction phase you will have the opportunity to meet with our interior designer to discuss a wide choice of interior finishes.

Q: Can I select the type of flooring I want?

A: Many flooring upgrades are available if you purchase a townhome that does not have the selections chosen. The standard flooring is a high quality solid-core vinyl plank on main floor and bathrooms and carpet with 7 lb. underpad on stairs to second floor and bedrooms.

Q: Can I choose the type of kitchen cabinets for my townhome?

A: Flat panel Contempra cabinets are available in a variety of colours at Couture West Condominiums. Owners may choose from a range of optional or upgrade cabinet styles. Please speak to our Realtor team about scheduling a visit to our Design Centre, where an extensive range of cabinets, counters, tile and flooring are displayed. Quartz countertops are standard in kitchen and bathrooms.

Q: What appliances are included with my purchase price at Couture West Condominiums?

A: Appliances not included.