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About The Project2020-01-17T12:55:19-05:00

Q:When will construction commence on Bluestem Condominiums, and when will the project be ready for occupancy?

A: Construction is now complete at Bluestem Condominiums and have immediate occupancy for new buyers. We are currently down to our final few suites for purchase.

Q:Who are the developer and designer of the Bluestem Condos?

A:StreetSide Development Corporation, Winnipeg’s largest and longest-standing condominium developer, is the driving force behind this master-planned community. StreetSide also happens to be one of the Qualico Companies, western Canada’s largest real estate developer, delivering quality residences to Canadians for six decades.

Condominium Living2020-01-17T12:56:24-05:00

Q:What are the advantages of a Townhome Condominium and how does condominium ownership work?

A:A condominium is a legal form of shared ownership, where the owner holds title to the individual townhome and a shared interest in the building and grounds common elements. A condominium allows for the financial benefits of ownership while leaving the chores of property upkeep and maintenance to our professional property managers. Residents will purchase their condominium homes outright, and pay a monthly “condo fee” to fund all shared common area expenses.

Q:What are the Common Element Fees at Bluestem and what is included in the common element charge?

A:The common element “condo fee” will be based on your pro rata share of the common elements of the overall project. Current common element fees for the 3-storey components of the project are $287 per month including sewer and water. Common element costs include all “common elements” or shared costs including (but not limited to) maintenance, grounds keeping and landscaping; service contracts; professional management; building insurance (owners require separate insurance for condominium contents and betterments); snow removal; common area lights and power; in suite and common area water and sewer including maintenance and replacement. Residents pay separately for telephone, internet cable TV, in suite hydro, contents and betterments insurance and realty taxes.

Q:As a unit owner will I have any part to play in the on-going operation and management of Bluestem Condominiums?

A:The project will be professionally managed by a property manager engaged by the Developers and later by the Condominium Corporation Board of Directors. As a unit owner in the building you have voting rights in your condominium corporation. An annual general meeting of all unit holders will be conducted to review the business of the corporation. You may participate in the management of the corporation to a greater extent if you wish to stand for election to the Condominium Corporation’s Board of Directors.

Q:Can I purchase a townhome at Bluestem and rent it until I am ready to occupy myself?

A:You may rent your townhome provided all rules and regulations of the Corporation contained in the condominium documents are complied with.

Q:How many floors and units will each building have?

A:Each of the 9 Bluestem buildings in this development will contain 7-10 three-storey townhome units. There will be 75 units in total.

Q:What type of insurance will I require for my new condominium home at Bluestem?

A:The condominium corporation will provide insurance for the overall building. Owners will require separate condominium unit owners insurance on their contents and on any options or upgrades. The Condominium Declaration provides further information.

Sales & Pricing2020-01-17T12:57:17-05:00

Q: How can I reserve a new condominium townhome at Bluestem and when will I have to make payments with respect to my purchase?

A:If you are not yet ready to write a formal Offer to Purchase, you can place a temporary, short-term reservation on the condominium townhome of your choice (subject to availability), by meeting with our sales representatives and completing a Reservation Form together with a refundable deposit of $2000. This deposit may then be directly applied to the Offer to Purchase, along with the remainder of the required deposit. The balance of your purchase price will be due just prior to occupancy.

Q: What are the advantages of selecting my Bluestem condominium early, and are Bluestem purchase prices going to increase during future phases?

A:There are many advantages to selecting your condominium home early. For example you may want to obtain a particular exposure and location within the development itself. It is also easier to customize and select materials and products when you are involved with the project at an early stage. Perhaps most importantly you will be purchasing your Bluestem home Condominium at the lowest possible price. Bluestem Condominium pricing will increase early in the construction period and continue to do so as various phases are completed.

Q: Is the GST included in the purchase price?

A:Yes. The net GST is included in the stated Purchase Price. The Purchase price includes 5% GST net of the GST New Housing rebate allowable. The Purchaser assigns the GST New Housing Rebate to the Vendor at time of closing. To be eligible for the GST Rebate, the Purchaser, or a member of the Purchaser’s immediate family, will on closing occupy the unit as his/her primary place of residence.

Q: What are my real estate taxes likely to cost at Bluestem Condominiums?

A:Property taxes are to be set by the City of Winnipeg which does not confirm amounts until a later time. These taxes will be dependent on the size and purchase price of the unit.


Q: Is secure parking available? How many parking stalls are included with my purchase at Bluestem Condominiums and are extra stalls available?

A: Secure parking is standard at Bluestem Condos. Most units include a single car garage as part of their basic design; All garage doors are controlled with standard garage openers with remote as well as keypad entry. Please note: Additional parking is no longer available through the builder. 

Q:Is there designated visitor parking at Bluestem Condominiums?

A: Bluestem offers 11 designated parking spaces for visitors, and 5 handicap parking stalls within the development.

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Q:Rules and regulations should I know about with respect to Bluestem?

A:The rules and regulations will be described in detail in the condominium declaration and by-laws. These documents, typical to all condominium projects, describe in detail the rules regulating the use of the units, common elements, improvements etc.

Q:How will I dispose of my garbage and recycling at Bluestem?

A:Owners will bring refuse outside by their rear garage door on a designated day and it is collected by the City of Winnipeg on a weekly basis.

Q:Are there walkways on the common areas?

A:There are some pathways surrounding the development, and there are bridges and walk ways in the courtyard.

Q:Where is mail collected?

A:There will be a central location for mail delivery.

Q:Are pets allowed at Bluestem?

A:The project by-laws and declaration will describe the rules in detail, however a maximum of one cat or one dog will be permitted at Bluestem. All pets must be registered with the board.

General Information2020-04-09T13:40:56-05:00

Q:What type of construction is used for the Bluestem Townhomes?

A:The foundation is concrete piles supporting concrete grade beams. Steel-reinforced, concrete slab-on-grade comprises the garage floor and foyer entrance area. Upper floors are constructed of an engineered wood ‘quiet floor’ system. Each townhome is separated by a double wall system, made of two layers of insulation and multiple layers of fire resistant drywall which creates a superior fire and sound rated separation between the units.

Q:What is the heating system used for the homes?

A:Each Bluestem three-storey townhome will be heated by a high-efficiency electric furnace with an individually-controlled electronic thermostat and Heat Recovery Ventilator. This system provides superior level of air quality as well as offering comfort and convenience to the homeowner.

Q:What security measures will be incorporated at Bluestem Condominiums?

A:Each townhome has a lit private entrance and both main floor entry doors are supplied with deadbolt locks. All units are pre-wired for a security system but each owner is responsible for the purchase, installation and monitoring of their individual security system.

Q:What is the common wall construction between condominium townhome units?

A:Common walls between condominiums are constructed using a double wall technique, where two rows of studs of a conventionally framed wall are separated by an air space.These walls are filled with sound insulation ‘batts’ and are finished with a double layer of drywall on both sides. This is a proven wall system with an above-average performance rating in regards to fire protection and sound transmission reduction.

Q:What materials and features will the exterior of the building have?

A:The Bluestem townhomes feature large windows on the front exterior and include a variation of stucco, cement board, brick and stone veneer siding organized according to model type of unit. Rear elevations of the buildings are stucco and an optional second storey deck is available as an option in lieu of roof over garage.

Q:I am concerned about the chance of a fire at the building. How has this been addressed?

A:The unlikely event of a fire has been extensively considered at Bluestem. To stop the spread of fire, dividing walls between the living areas of the townhomes have a Fire-Resistance Rating of 2 hours[1]. Each floor of the home including the garage, is equipped with a hard-wired smoke detector. Private entrances also allow direct access to the unit in the case of an emergency.

Q:Is air conditioning standard at Bluestem Condominiums?

A:Air conditioning is a required upgrade.

Q:Is the project fenced? How high are these fences?

A:Bluestem features a six foot continuous wood privacy fence on the north property line, a five foot chain link fence on the west property line, and a five foot metal picket fence on the south east corner of the property.

Q:What will the roadway construction be?

A:The roadway and parking areas within the Sage Creek development will be asphalt.

Q:What type of roof will the buildings have?

A:The Bluestem Condominiums have an engineered wood truss roof with laminate asphalt shingles.

Q:What kind of windows will be installed?

A:All windows at Bluestem, including glass used in doors, are triple-pane for maximum energy-efficiency.

Q:Can I choose the paint colours for my unit?

A:The standard paint colour for the interior of the Bluestem is ‘antique white’. If you select your unit early in the construction phase you will have the opportunity to meet with our interior designer to discuss a wide choice of interior finishes.

Q:Can I select the type of flooring I want?

A:Many flooring upgrades are available including laminates and ceramics.

Q:Can I have granite counter tops?

A:Granite counter tops are available as an optional upgrade.

Q:Can I choose the type of kitchen cabinets for my unit?

A:Flat panel melamine cabinets are available in a variety of colours at Bluestem. Owners may choose from a range of optional or upgrade cabinet styles. Please speak to our sales team about scheduling a visit to our design centre, where an extensive range of cabinets, counters, tile and flooring are displayed.

Q:What appliances are available?

A:A kitchen appliance package, which includes a full size fridge, a self cleaning range, a built-in dishwasher and an ‘over the range’ (OTR) microwave will be offered as an optional upgrade.

[1] National Research Council of Canada



In addition to our 1-Year StreetSide warranty on workmanship and materials, your new home is protected by a broad coverage plan through one of western Canada’s leading warranty providers, National Home Warranty. It protects you against defects for your individual unit and common areas and starts the moment you take possession.

National Home Warranty coverage is provided as follows:

  • 1 year – Defects in labour and materials; and
  • 5 years – Structure of the building.

For more further information, definitions and additional benefits of purchasing a home with coverage under National Home Warranty, please visit nationalhomewarranty.com



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