Condo living provides many perks, one of the most appreciated being the fact that condos are low maintenance compared to houses, and their efficient use of space usually means less cleaning is required. That said, keeping your condo in tip top shape not only gives you a sparkling space to live in, but also helps protect your investment, helping you get top dollar for whenever you decide to sell. Read on for a list of cleaning tasks that are important to remember when maintaining your condo.
1. Change and clean filters. Most new condos will have a furnace filter that will need to be replaced every 2-3 months, while some may have an A/C filter that needs to be rinsed. Maintaining these systems helps to prolong their lifespan (and keep your energy bills down) all while keeping the air in your unit so fresh and so clean!
2. Vacuum carpets, especially stairs in townhome condos. For a townhome, cold air is often forced from the top storey to the lowest story, and this air pushes through where it can, which is often through the carpet in the stairs and through any spaces or nail holes in the subfloor. If you have a lighter coloured carpet, your carpet can essentially become a “filter” for this air that is getting pushed through, sometimes leaving a discolouration in your carpet. By frequently vacuuming carpets, especially the stairs, you can make sure that this “carpet drafting” doesn’t affect the look of your carpets or build up over time.
3. Check for condensation in the winter and wipe any excess from windows, adjusting fans and humidity levels if necessary.
4. Clean and mop hard floors, but pay attention to laminate and engineered hardwood. Keeping up with floor care will mean less grime build up and will keep your floors looking their best. Vinyl surfaces and tile are easiest to clean as they aren’t affected by water, however make sure to not over mop or over wet flooring like laminate or hardwood as they can warp if too much standing water is left on them.

5. Clean appliances often. Keeping your appliances clean helps them run efficiently and look their best. Clean out your fridge and freezer at least once a month, and clean off any spills on your stove top/oven/mircowave as soon as they happen for best results.

Along with every day surface cleaning and tidying, your condo is sure to shine if you follow this list. Have any favourite cleaning hacks? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!