People are very familiar with the idea of an apartment-style condo. Townhomes? Much less so. What is a townhome, and what makes it a suitable choice for a homeowner?

A townhome is a residence that often feels very much like a detached home. A private entrance, spacious living area, and sometimes an attached garage provides the feel of a home. Outside, townhomes are more notably different because they are attached to others – which is generally what distinguishes townhomes and indicates condominium ownership. Whether a stepping stone moving up from an apartment to a house, or a low maintenance home to enjoy life in, townhomes have plenty going for them.

1. No maintenance. Most townhomes enjoy some outdoor space, either shared or common. You can enjoy beautiful landscaping and professional snow clearing without having to ever do it yourself. Window cleaning and exterior maintenance like paint touch ups and repairs are also usually included in condo fees – so other than keeping your interior clean, there’s not much left for you to do (read more on condo fees here).

2. Best of both worlds. Enjoy the space and feel of a detached home with the ease and freedom of a condo. This “lock and leave” lifestyle is also great for avid travelers and cottage goers.

3. Storage. Usually spread across two to three levels, a townhome can boast extra spaces such as plenty of storage, closets, attached garages (at Bluestem and Amber Grove), basements (at Hudson and Amber Grove) and more. If you’ve outgrown an apartment, a townhome is a great next step.

4. Community. From the added security of having more neighbours to watch out for you, to the convenience of having friends close by and neighbours to ask for a cup of sugar – townhome communities can be a great place to live.

5. Significant savings. Sharing walls (generally two to three walls are shared) means you also get to reap benefits of costs savings. Townhomes cost much less to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, representing significant cost savings over a year.

Ready to take the next step towards townhome ownership? StreetSide is currently selling three new townhome projects with more on the way in the future. Check out the website to browse through available and upcoming condos.