It’s a question we get asked a lot, since for most buyers, writing an offer to purchase a new condo is a first-time experience. The short answer is, you do not need to bring in an outside realtor with you when you view or purchase a new condo.

While we work well with your personal realtors should you have someone you’re already comfortable with, every StreetSide sales agent is a licensed realtor fully qualified to guide you through the buying process. As licensed realtors, they are entitled (and happily devoted) to representing your needs in the process. They’ll sit down with you to write the offer, explaining every bit of legal jargon to make sure you understand the contract in its entirety, and answer all your questions along the way.

In short, they represent you as a buyer as any other agent would, the only difference being that they also represent the seller, and as such, have a wealth of expertise and experience with the builder and knowledge about the specific project they’ve been assigned.

StreetSide agents want to make sure you have the best buying experience with the builder, and will keep you informed on things like construction progress, condition removals and deposit requirements long after you’ve written an offer.

That said, many buyers have a realtor that they’ve enlisted help from well before stepping foot into a StreetSide sales office, and want to include that trusted advisor in their buying experience. This is also completely welcome, and many of StreetSide’s agents have been in the business a long time, establishing relationships and working cooperatively with other professional realtors.

Regardless of whether or not you have your own realtor, a conveyance lawyer will always review the details of the contract and will be there to help guide you through closing on your new home purchase.