Streetside Developments provides a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from your date of possession. For detailed information on your warranty program and StreetSide’s responsibilities as your developer, please refer to the Home Owner’s Manual that was provided to you in the pre-occupancy inspection of your suite.

Within a month after your possession date, you will receive a “Welcome to Warranty” letter that will explain your year-long warranty on workmanship and materials, and the process for requesting service from StreetSide’s Warranty Representative.

During your first year in your new condominium, please report any deficiencies as they occur by clicking on the Warranty Online Form link below.You will also receive a letter just before your one year anniversary to remind you to report any deficiencies using the online form. After your service request form has been received by the StreetSide office, you will be contacted by our Warranty Representative, Anna Truong, at her earliest opportunity.

Anna is available Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. For after-hours emergencies (plumbing leaks, heating problems, etc.), please refer to the emergency contact list in your warranty guide.

Once your year-end service has been completed, all service issues will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Contact your property management company, Rancho Realty, at (204) 254-9457 for issues such as:

  • Noise issues/complaints

  • Pet issues/complaints

  • Snow removal

  • Landscaping - i.e. grass cutting

  • Parking issues/complaints

  • Cleaning of common areas

For a checklist of seasonal maintenance for your new condo, please click here.