The StreetSide Story


Our Company

With over half a century of building excellence, Qualico has earned a reputation for market leadership and building distinction. Drawing on decades of proven performance and customer satisfaction, StreetSide Developments builds on this legacy — setting new standards and benchmarks in projects that range from innovative, urban development, to adult lifestyle communities. Qualico's StreetSide division builds condos and townhomes in communities across Western Canada.  Whether apartment style, townhome style, detached houses or luxury condos, our innovative designs meet the needs of a variety of urban and suburban lifestyles and deliver great quality and exceptional value to our homeowners.   

The story of how Qualico came to be is the story of its founders. Dr. David Friesen, Q. C., had an incredible work ethic, indelible spirit, passionate quest for knowledge and intuitive business savvy. Together with his wife Katherine Friesen, he built Qualico from its humble beginnings into one of the largest fully integrated, privately-owned real estate companies in Western Canada.

David Friesen was born in the Ukraine in 1911 and moved with his parents and siblings to Winnipeg in 1924. After completing grade 12, David worked his way up and became a manager of a grocery store chain. In 1934, he returned to the University of Manitoba, Faculty of law, where he graduated with a LLB degree and was called to the bar in 1941. Katherine was a school teacher. The couple married in 1943.

Before founding their company as Quality Homes, Katherine was earning $50 a month as a teacher, and David was a practicing lawyer who sometimes brought home chicken or pies in lieu of cash. But the couple had a vision – to build homes and provide shelter for families, creating communities and homes where people could put down roots, raise their families, and pursue their dreams. It was this vision that guided founders David and Katherine when they built their first houses in River Heights in 1950. They built seven houses that first year, and almost doubled their output to 13 houses the next year. Katherine decided to sell the houses herself, an audacious move for a woman in the 1950s.

Today, thousands of Canadian families choose Qualico to build their homes every year, many of which are created in Qualico’s master planned communities. The company’s activities span the entire real estate spectrum and include residential land acquisition and development, single and multi-family home divisions, commercial and industrial development, property management, concrete ready mix, building supply and manufacturing divisions.

The company and its people are honoured to carry on the founders’ vision with pride and with a sense of respect for two people who created a life of passion, purpose and inspiration.

Today, Qualico is one of the largest fully integrated, privately-owned real estate companies in Western Canada.


Our Mission

To offer innovation, distinction, function and excellence in design, construction and workmanship, resulting in superior value for our customers' investment; to deliver uncompromising service focused on building long-term relationships with our customers; and to treat our customers, suppliers, partners and each other with courtesy, integrity, professionalism and respect.


Green Initiatives

StreetSide Developments, a leader among developers for environmental stewardship, has undertaken several measures that will reduce its carbon footprint and benefit the environment. These initiatives include experimenting with geothermal heat pumps, building Manitoba Hydro Power Smart buildings, and Qualico's tree planting and wood recycling which will significantly reduce natural gas consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

From the list of projects below you can see StreetSide is promoting green initiatives in housing by stating factual green investments that have been completed in projects and also completing 3rd party verification of industry accepted green standards.

Grandstone on Aldgate:
  • Manitoba Hydro R2000 certification
Rougeau Gardens:
  • Manitoba Hydro R2000 certification.
Southlands Village:
  • Tested and Certified Manitoba Hydro 'PowerSmart - Gold'
Verve Tache North
  • Commercial PowerSmart Designation
Verve Tache South
  • Commercial PowerSmart Designation pending
Qualico Winnipeg Office Building
  • Commercial PowerSmart Designation, LEED® Certification where StreetSide acted as the Development Manager and Construction Manager for the recently completed Qualico Winnipeg Office Building
Bridgwater Forest South (Townhome-style) condominiums
  • Offering 4 Geothermal units, high efficient electric furnaces, tightly sealed building envelope.
Bridgwater Forest North (Apartment-Style) condominiums
  • Feature high-efficient electric furnaces, a ground water geothermal system, tightly sealed building envelope and less energy than conventionally-built designs.

Benefits of a Power Smart Building

  • Building will use a minimum of 25% less energy than conventionally built designs
  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • More comfortable indoor environment
  • Higher resale value
To learn more about Power Smart - please visit Manitoba Hydro's Earth Power Program


Wood Recycling
 Waste reduction and proper waste management is a top priority at Qualico. The wood chipper plays a key role in helping Qualico achieve its goal of reducing 75% of wood waste. The end product (mulch) is sold back to the builders' and landscaping contractors to be used for landscaping and temporary walkways. 

Tree Planting 
Aside from being more power smart, Qualico has also been active in planting seedlings along the outskirts of reclaimed soil found throughout the city. To date, Qualico has planted over 100,000 seedlings by the Manitoba Forestry Association.